Westridge 8th-Graders Move Up

Members of the Westridge 8th grade class include, in alphabetical order: Sienna Beltz, Leila Carle, Lauren Carruthers, Finley Carver, Leilani Chavarria, Helena Chen, Ginny Cheung, Sabrina Cheung, Adelaide Chow, Kristin Chuang, Scarlett Coombes, Sloan Criddle, Emerson Forester, Saya Gooden, Violet Gund, Grace Hayes, Isabel Hechter, Sofia Hesling, Kanon Iwata, Manon Iwata, Sage Kazz, Eliza Kim, Scarlett Kirschenbaum, Alicia Ko, Alexia Ledis, Teia Lemmon, Angela Li, Elyse Lin, Emily Lin, Joanna Liu, Melissa Liu, Audrey Lord, Whitley Lowery, Caroline Macomber, Katie Masters, Madison Mermelstein, Lily Newton, Esperanza Orozco-Carey, Micaela Randolph, Mandy Shirreffs, Josie Tipton, Sofia Tomczyk, Ruth Turgeman, Valentina Vera, Liesel Vogl, Leslie Wang, Makayla Wang, Frankie Wass, Lauren Whang, Grace Wieland, Chloe Wolas, Josephine Wong, Olivia Wright, Charlotte Yang and Sophia Yoo.

Photos by Toni LeBel
The Outlook


Westridge School recently held a recognition ceremony for its 8th-graders.
The Class of 2026 and their guests were welcomed to the event by Head of School Elizabeth McGregor. The opening remarks were made by Zanita Kelly, director of lower and middle schools, followed by Class President Manon Iwata with the student address.
Next, the students were awarded certificates, and the festivities continued with a reception in the Joan Irvine Smith (Class of 1951) Academic Resource Center.