Crestview 6th-Graders Say Farewell

Members of the graduating class include Alexander Ranasinghe (front, from left), Emiliano Riojas, Jack Walker, Narayan Neti, Nicolas Yeremian, Nate Lavichant, Adrien Ravon, Kellan Walsh, Christian Zarian, Ethan Tolentino and Henry Vartanian. Back: Logan Raines, Adina Shawkat, Lia Rodriguez, Clara Youel, Julia Bergeron, Ireland Walsh, Evelyn Kaufman, Ella Pishva, Zoe Gilbert, Khloe Zargarian and Delilah Mashhoud. Not pictured: Joseph Pham, Feliciano Serrano III and Chloe Xu.

First published in the June 16 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Toni LeBel
The Outlook


Crestview Preparatory School held its 6th-grade promotion on Thursday, June 9, on campus. Students Delilah Mashhoud and Evelyn Kaufman were the speakers.
There were performances by students Zoe Gilbert and Chloe Xu, as well as a performance of a Beethoven piece by the band and a group performance of a traditional folk song.
Eight of the 25 students who were promoted have families who will continue to be involved with Crestview because of younger siblings who are or will be students there.