Sycamores, Tournament of Roses Provides Wellness Support to Rose Court

Rose Court members include Salia Baligh, Alverno Heights Academy; Sahanna Rajinikanthan, Arcadia High School; Bella Ballard, the Ogburn Online School; Zoë Denoncourt, John Marshall Fundamental High School; Michelle Cortez-Peralta, Pasadena High School; Uma Wittenberg, La Cañada High School; and Adrian Crick, Sequoyah High School.

First published in the Nov. 17 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

After a successful partnership last year, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses is again partnering with Sycamores, a leading behavioral health and child welfare agency based in Pasadena, to provide wellness support to members of the 2023 Rose Court.
Rose Court members are coached in public speaking and etiquette skills, media and speech training to enhance their self-confidence. They are also provided guidance in leadership skills to prepare for their duties as ambassadors for the Tournament of Roses.
To further support the Rose Court experience, Sycamores clinical staff members are available to discuss behavioral health wellness in both group and individual settings, helping the Rose Court members expand their healthy coping strategies to use throughout the Rose Parade season, which takes place during the girls’ busy senior year of high school, and beyond. Last year, for example, one of the Rose Court members shared that her Sycamores clinician helped her develop important time management skills as she navigated the Rose Court experience.
Sycamores and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses have shared historic ties in the Pasadena community, dating back to the creation of Sycamores as Pasadena’s first orphanage in 1902. The Pasadena Children’s Training Society, later named Sycamores, was established by Fannie Mae Rowland, the wife of Dr. Francis Rowland, a founder of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses and the first Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade in 1890. Today the agency provides innovative and effective programs and services through a network of locations throughout Southern California.
Sycamores President/CEO Debra Manners said in a statement, “With all of the excitement and opportunities associated with this wonderful time, we recognize serving on the Royal Court can also call for extra coping skills.” Manners continued, “We are honored to be able to offer wellness support to the members of the Royal Court again this year.”
As Ambassadors of the Tournament of Roses, the seven members of the Rose Court are scheduled to attend numerous community and media events between now and their ride down Colorado Boulevard in the Rose Parade on Monday, Jan. 2.
“The Tournament of Roses is committed to creating a network of support for the Royal Court,” said Kathy Perini, Chair of the Queen and Court Committee. “Our goal is to prepare them for the next stage of life and an important part of their continued success will be utilizing the wellness tools that Sycamores provides. We’re thankful for the continued partnership and for the generosity of the clinicians who volunteer their time to meet with each Royal Court member.”