Lin Realty Bike-Building Benefits 100 Children

Alyssa McConnell (front, from left), Wendy Vu, Eva Lin and Joe Rock. Back: Gavin Velez, Vincent Benoist, Kirsten Curry, Grace Kahwajian and Alex Young. Pasadena real estate broker Eva Lin hosted her Charity Bike Build event, which benefited 100 children served by Pasadena’s Boys & Girls Club.

First published in the Dec. 16 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Toni LeBel / The Outlook

Lin Realty Group, in partnership with Wish for Wheels, made the holidays a little brighter for children of the Boys & Girls Club when they donated 100 bicycles at Brookside Park in Pasadena.
Employees and volunteers of Lin Realty funded, built and distributed the bicycles at the event, which the firm holds twice a year. Once the assembly was complete, scores of families from the Boys & Girls Club stopped by to pick up their special holiday gift. Volunteers were on hand to fit the bicycles and helmets for each child.
Eva Lin and her team were thrilled to make their largest donation yet, particularly because COVID-related supply chain issues limited the number of bikes they could purchase for recent events.
“Seeing so many happy kids and families today was such a treat. It’s a true joy being able to positively impact our local community here in Pasadena. Next year, we want to touch the lives of even more families,” Lin said.


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