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GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation Annual Fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 1st

Join GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation in supporting LA County children rescued from the sex trade and exploitation, and in-crisis youth and young adults, to help turn each victim’s world of fear into a world of wonder!

Come to our world of wonder on Saturday, October 1st for a lively cocktail reception, DJ, fun games, sit-down dinner, dancing, and more. The evening will also feature live and silent auctions and fundraising opportunities to support GIVE-MENTOR-LOVE’s efforts.

For more details about our fundraiser, sponsorship opportunities available, purchasing tickets or to donate, please visit our website.



GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE (GML) is a foundation of dedicated professionals serving LA County youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of sex trafficking. We are a layer of the healing process GIVING immediate and continued support of basic needs and financial assistance; MENTORING to help them rediscover their self-worth; and LOVING these victims and youth unconditionally to help them thrive.

We partner with LA County Specialized Bureau for Commercial Sexual Exploited Children (CSEC), LA County Zoe International, Learning Works Charter School’s two campuses (LW), and CSEC foster group homes.

What Your Dollars Support


In addition to giving financial support daily, mentoring these youth, and loving them unconditionally, GML is focusing on the desperate and immediate need to develop a CSEC Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) house in Los Angeles County.

As one of the nation’s most high intensity areas for the trafficking of children and young adults, one of the biggest challenges faced is establishing housing for those between the ages of 18-21 years old who are in “extended foster care”.

These victims have aged out of the system they have known most of, if not their entire lives, but are not ready to live independently in society, as they are at a developmental disadvantage.

The trauma experienced at the hands of their exploiters and buyers is devastating, causing a tremendous detrimental impact to their physical, emotional, developmental, and psychological well-being. These young victims require intensive support and services and the support of their community to help them move towards recovery and healing.

Adela Estrada, CSEC Program Administrator for LA County, explains the importance of securing these facilities: “We are in need of homes in LA County that can house these youth so that they have a safe place to live with the consistent guidance and support they need to heal, recover, and learn the skills needed to live independently and as contributing members of society.”

We are in search of a house or facility in LA County, far enough away from common sex-trafficking areas, which can house 6 or more of these victims.


Social workers, Zoe, LW, and staff of the CSEC group homes contact us daily to provide urgently needed essentials and everyday items to aid in the healing process of those we collectively serve. This includes emergency housing, transportation, educational supplies, tuition assistance, clothing, uniforms and gear needed for a new job, household items, baby items, special occasion gifts, and so much more. All of this is necessary to help stabilize the youth or young adult.


Over the past year, our mentor programs involved hundreds of hours with foster care youths, victims rescued from the sex trade, teen moms, homeless teens, and others in-crisis and at-risk. We mentor one-on-one, in CSEC foster care group homes and on the LW campuses through special events and programs hosted regularly. Besides the everyday challenges they face, we guide them through every step and obstacle of getting a job and enrolling in a trade school or college.


Honestly, many we serve are angry, rebellious, and distrusting because of the trauma, abuse and neglect they have suffered. Your gift truly changes their desire to live, their attitude towards life and their path to becoming independent, thriving adults. Otherwise, they become just another statistic in the count of homeless, addicts, prostitutes, and gang members on the streets.

  • Sponsoring Organization: GIVE - MENTOR - LOVE Foundation
  • Location or Venue: 1027 N Todd Avenue Azusa, CA 97210

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