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PCC Foundation Gives Over $900,000 in Grants

First published in the June 16 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Springing from the landmark $30-million gift Pasadena City College received from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott in 2021, the Community Excellence Grants were created by the PCC Foundation so that roughly $1 million will be provided every year to fund projects at PCC.
This year, the review committee awarded more than $937,000 to fund 25 projects for the PCC community.
Thea Alvarado, Lynora Rogacs and Kimberly Shediak: $150,000 for distance education initiatives, including implementation of Peer Online Course Review for online classes
Bobbi Abram — PCC Foundation: $115,000 for planning funds for PCC’s Centennial Celebration
Veronica Jaramillo, Suzanne Iwanicki, Jessica Blickley and Michael Vendrasco — Natural Sciences: $96,921 for a community-based learning project for science courses
Linda Stewart, Walter Butler and Lynora Rogacs — Library: $81,500 for digitizing the 100+ year run of the college newspaper
Erin Shaw and Jamal Ashraf — Computer Science: $81,000 for data science case study modules
Jason Barquero — Freeman Center: $66,500 for an “Intern Pasadena” program
Dave Smith, Yu Chung Chang-Hou, and Jared Ashcroft: $40,000 for underwater robotics and Community College Innovation Challenge competitions
Olivia Loo — International Students: $40,000 for the “3R Global Family Project”
Leticia Rojas, Clara Lee and Ivette Rosas: $38,000 for Hixon Teacher Preparation Program
Margarita Regalado Rivera: $32,506 for PASS University Bridge Project
Jeffrey Cole, Pamela Eversole-Cire, Karol Lu, Jessica Blickley, Russ DiFiori, Valerie Foster, Suzanne Iwanicki and Jason Warner — Natural Sciences: $28,322 for Community-based learning on the restoration of lead-contaminated soils in Vernon
Kimberly Vasadre — International Student Center: $27,500 for a peer leadership and mentorship program for international students.
Donald Loewel — Small Business Development Center: $25,000 for entrepreneurship and innovation programs for students
William Syms, Paul Price, Gena Lopez and Linda Valencia: $25,000 for renovations to the PCC Northwest campus
Maria Pehlivanova and Liesel Reinhart: $14,331 for an adjunct faculty institute
Gidget Tay — Natural Sciences: $10,500 for a personalized organic chemistry curriculum
Nick Schultz — Natural Sciences: $10,318 for histology equipment for the microscopic anatomy of biological tissues
Carol Calandra, Matthew Camara and Carlos “Tito” Altamirano: $10,000 for enhancements to PCC’s Veterans Wall
Nicholas Hatch and Jason Robinson — Professional Development Committee: $10,000 for professional development programming
Yiyi Zeng, Kimberly Vasadre and Enith Reyes: $8,500 for collaborations between the International Student Center and the Quest Center
Emily Sudd — Visual Arts & Media Studies: $7,000 for a guest lecture series on contemporary ceramic practices
Charlene Potter — English and Language Studies: $5,642 for seed funding for a PCC beekeeping club
Maud Regier — Natural Sciences: $5,000 for seed funding for programs to bring women into physics
Jeong O — Health Sciences: $5,000 for seed funding for high school partnerships in health sciences
Que Dang, Dan Huynh and Shelagh Rose — The Student Success Committee: $3,500 for incentives related to the Student Equity Plan

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