Rose Princesses Represent Pasadena Schools

Photos courtesy PUSD

First published in the Jan.13 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Two Rose Princesses from Pasadena high schools rode the Royal Court float in the Tournament of Roses on New Year’s Day.
Abigail Griffith and Jeannine Briggs took time out from their busy schedules as members of the Royal Court to express their gratitude at a special Board of Education meeting on Dec. 6.
“PUSD has made me who I am and is the reason I am on this court,” said Griffith, a Pasadena High School senior.
Griffith is also a dancer, a worship leader, an intern, a social media manager, an aspiring architect, fluent in Spanish, a budding expert in Hispanic/Latin American culture, and the list goes on. She was a member of the founding class of the Spanish/English dual language immersion program at San Rafael Elementary. She says she is a symbol of the success of that program and is extremely grateful because it helped shape her future.

Photos courtesy PUSD Pasadena Tournament of Roses
Princesses Jeannine Briggs and Abigail Griffith received special recognition from the Pasadena Unified Board of Education.

“As I aspire to be an architect, I really want to create community spaces that reflect the cultures of Los Angeles. I feel like my education is the reason why I will be able to display those cultures and celebrate those cultures, and show the world that these cultures are what create value in our community,” Griffith explained.
Briggs attended McKinley and Hamilton elementary schools, Wilson Middle School and is now a senior at Marshall Fundamental. A member of the National Honor Society, she is also President of Broadcasting Club, Vice President of Black Student Union, Secretary of Mock Trial, Secretary of the Associated Student Body Class of 2022, a member of Girls Build L.A. and a Jazz Band Vocalist, among other accomplishments.
Briggs said there are three things that have formed her experience in PUSD and she’s grateful for all of them: her close-knit group of peers, PUSD parents who are focused on giving students the best education possible, and last, but certainly not least, teachers.
“My mom herself is a teacher at PUSD and works at Jackson Elementary,” Briggs said. “My teachers are the ones who’ve encouraged me to learn. They have formed me into the person I am today. They’re why I’m here today. I appreciate that PUSD is the culmination of different people out of our community forming together to say we’re going to make the education for our next generation the best it can possibly be and I am a product of that today.”
PUSD Superintendent Brian McDonald thanked the Rose Princesses for being ambassadors for the district. He said not only are they incredibly eloquent and articulate, but they truly make the district proud.
The superintendent and his colleagues rode in a vintage school bus along the parade route and the All-Star PUSD Band also marched down the parade route.
“This is a proud moment because not only do we get to be a part of history, but we also get to represent our district,” McDonald added.


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