FSHA Breaks Barriers With Streamed Virtual Fall Play

Cast members (in alphabetical order) include Ava Baluyut Barraza, Maria Boutros, Ziling “Coco” Chen, Kayla Copping, Simone Crowder, Audrey de Groot, Ava DeFranco, Renee Deramerian, Brenna Derbish, Isabella Durand, Lauren Gmelich, Natalia Gonzalez, Corinne Gray, Sara Green, Sara Gutierrez, Abbie Hardy, Charlie Hardy, Jordyn Hart, Caitlin Hubbs, Cassie Huston, Maddie Jerman, Ava King, Ava Kitt, Carissa Klaus, Becket Knight, Jalen Lee, Macey Lillard, Farrah Mackenzie, Samantha Milat, Anya Millard, Emily Meadow Mota, Caitlin Norton, Olivia Ocon, Kana Park, Angelina Reddy, Samantha Savage, Sofia Sierra, Jin Yi “Linda” Sun, Claire Thomas, Graciela Tiu, Katie Wilson and Sophia Wilson.

Although every industry has been affected by this pandemic, one thing will always ring true: the human need to connect through art. Though in-person performances are not possible, creative minds have come together to find opportunities to tell stories that bring us purpose and hope, regardless of the circumstances.