City Appoints New PWP General Manager

Gurcharan Bawa
Gurcharan Bawa

City Manager Steve Mermell recently announced the appointment of Gurcharan Bawa as the new general manager for the city’s Water and Power Department. Bawa has been with Pasadena Water and Power since 1992, when he joined as an associate engineer.
Bawa advanced steadily through the department with a variety of jobs, becoming assistant general manager for Power Supply in 2007 and as interim general manager since July 2016. He will oversee a department of about 440 full-time employees and an annual budget of about $272 million. PWP currently provides the power and water needs of the city’s residents and businesses, including about 65,000 electric accounts in Pasadena and 40,000 water accounts in Pasadena and portions of Altadena.
Earlier this month, PWP celebrated the completion of a new, $137 million power generating facility, GT-5, at the city’s Glenarm Power Plant, replacing a 50-year-old steam generator. GT-5 is an environmentally friendly, combined-cycle generator that uses both steam and natural gas to supply up to 71MW of power.
“I am honored and humbled to be appointed general manager of PWP. I am committed to working with my fellow employees and other stakeholders to enhance the value of PWP for our community,” Bawa said. “Together we must effectively respond to changes in the business environment and still hold to our fundamental values of providing safe and reliable water and power in an environmentally responsible manner at reasonable rates with exceptional customer satisfaction.”
City Manager Mermell said Bawa was hired after an exhaustive, nationwide search which included reviews of more than 100 candidates.
“In the end, the selection was easy because he has proven himself to be an extremely capable manager, in addition to having an extensive knowledge of the utility industry,” Mermell said.