PFAR Wreath Auction Rings In Holidays

The 28th annual Wreath Auction, hosted by the Pasadena-Foothills Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation, took place at Pasadena’s Parkway Grill on Sunday. The “Merry and Bright”-themed event welcomed 100 guests who filled the restaurant among handmade wreaths held for auction to benefit a collection of local charities. Chelby Crawford and Matt McIntyre served as the event’s co-chairs; other committee members included Kelley Brock, Hope de la Rosa, Todd Mangiafico, Deborah Maxson, Michelle McConville, Pamela McSweeny, Erik Okland, Hazel Perera, Jeromy Robert, Terry Shelton, Nathan Stark, Jaime Stoney and Shelley Wingate. The event, which rearranged the entire restaurant into a single event space, featured a silent auction and a live auction.
Doug Morseburg (front row, from left), Kelley Brock, Terry Doan and Jimmy Wilson. Back: Laurie and Mark Newton with Judy and George Penner.
Carmine Sabatella, Ryan Delair, Matt Kelsey, Christina Arrobio, and Gus and Melissa Ruelas
Armen Sarkissian and Hazel Perera
Barry Jones, Tink Cheney, Marilyn Simon and Steve Fleishman
Armen Sarkissian, Leann Healy and Diana Rafeedie-Nofal
Bill and Kathy Podley with Chelby Crawford and Gregg Smith
Cordelia Wong and Marlene Evans
Chelby Crawford and Matt McIntyre, the event’s co-chairs
Ernie and Marcia Hoffer with Chelby Crawford and Gregg Smith
Garrett Collins and Matt McIntyre
Evan and Naomi Farley
George and Judy Penner with Jimmy Wilson
Gus Ruelas and Michael Williamson
Hope de la Rosa and Hilda Hernandez
Jon and Miranda Butler
Jorge and Hilda Hernandez
Laurie and David Turner
Marilyn Simon and Steve Fleishman
Leah Dilbeck and Ron Nyeholt
Michael Williamson and Deborah Maxson
Melissa and Gus Ruelas
Pamela McSweeny, Nicholas Petralia, Josette Wolf-Petralia and Lori Ramirez
Michelle McConville and Teresa Fuller
Rosey Bell and Lori Ramirez
Rebecca Harris, Marlene Evans and Cordelia Wong
Sandra Belloso and Kathy Podley
Shelley Wingate and Chelby Crawford
Todd Mangiafico, Jeromy Robert and Kirk Dilbeck
Suzy Hazel-Oppenborn and Anne Sanborn
Todd Mangiafico, Jeromy Robert and Kirk Dilbeck
Tink Cheney (from left), David and Laurie Turner, Chelby Crawford, Barry Jones, Lori Ramirez, Rosey Bell, Nicholas Petralia and Josette Wolf-Petralia.
Event co-chairs (front row, from left) Chelby Crawford and Matt McIntyre. Second row: Pamela McSweeny, Hope de la Rosa, Terry Shelton, Hazel Perera, Nathan Stark, Shelley Wingate and Kelley Brock. Back: Erik Okland, Todd Mangiafico, Jeromy Robert, Michelle McConville, Jaime Stoney and Deborah Maxson.