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New Art Gallery “The Corridor” To Open During ArtNight Pasadena 2023

FoundrVision is excited to announce the opening of their new art gallery, “The Corridor” during ArtNight Pasadena 2023 on March 10th. The gallery will be located within FoundrSpace, a community space in Pasadena dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation.

The Corridor will feature a rotating selection of contemporary art, with a focus on emerging artists and underrepresented communities. The gallery will also host workshops, artist talks, and other events to engage the community and promote the arts.

“We are thrilled to be opening The Corridor during ArtNight Pasadena, a beloved community event that celebrates the arts and culture of this beautiful city,” said Edwin Guembes, Director of FoundrVision. “Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and inspired, and we look forward to sharing the work of some truly talented artists with the community.”

The opening exhibit, “Prismatic Humans,” offers a selection of works from artists of diverse backgrounds, with a special feature of the work of local multidisciplinary artist Marinés Adrianza.

Prismatic Humans is a group show exploring the idea of artists working as prisms to filter beams of light representing ideas, inspiration, energy, into colorful works of art. From the moment the artist engages with an idea, they become a unique prism that will refract an authentic and distinctive color.

In this collection of vibrant works, the artists examine the concept of Prismatic Humans as a metaphor for creative expression and the power of color as a tool for communication and beauty. With more than twelve artists from across the world participating, the exhibition features a line-up of creators who show how color can evoke emotion, create a mood, and tell stories in painting, photography, sculpture, and performance. ‘Prismatic Humans’ offers a visually rich, stylistically diverse, and emotionally complex experience.

“Prismatic Humans” will open on March 10th, 7 pm – 10 pm. Opening night will offer a live performance by DJ Kinky Papi and others. “Prismatic Humans” runs through April 10th, 2023, and the gallery will be open to the public by appointment.

ArtNight Pasadena is a free, annual event that takes place on March 10th. During the event, museums, galleries, and cultural institutions throughout Pasadena open their doors to the public for free, and the streets come alive with art, music, and performance.

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For media inquiries, please contact: Edwin Guembes, FoundrVision / FoundrSpace, at Email: and Phone: 310-940-4437

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