Mayfield Sr. Celebrates 100 Years of Strub Mansion

Mayfield Senior School recently welcomed more than 100 parents, alumnae, past parents and friends to campus to kick off a year of centennial celebrations for the school’s central building, known as Strub Hall. San Marino-based author and historian Ave Bortz, a Mayfield alum and former teacher, gave a fascinating presentation and Mayfield History Club students led tours of the Beaux-Arts mansion at the heart of the Bellefontaine Street campus. “This incredible house is really a second home to Mayfield students and their families,” said Head of School Kate Morin. “We feel so blessed to be able to live and work and learn and grow in this amazing space.” The landmark home was originally designed by noted Pasadena architect Frederick Roehrig for cattle, oil and banking baron E.J. Marshall. Described in local newspapers as “the costliest home in the West” when it was completed in 1919, the main living areas of the house were decked out in French mahogany, English oak and Italian marble — features that remain intact today, thanks to almost 70 years of dedicated Mayfield Senior School stewardship.