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Civitas Hosts One Arroyo Trail Project Gathering

Civitas, a Pasadena-based club, recently hosted the One Arroyo Trail Project Meeting, where there was an in-person discussion with Executive Director Rick Gould.

Gould retired from 40 years of park and recreation experience in 2017, which included 17 years as director of Santa Clarita’s Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. He is currently consulting on various park and recreation related projects, including the Arroyo Advisory Group and the One Arroyo Foundation.

Gould sat on the boards of a number of organizations including the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Council, the U.S. Lifesaving Association and the Boys and Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley. He remains on as a representative of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy on a joint powers agency board. In 2018, California Parks and Recreation Society honored him with the Award of Excellence. 

Photos by Erin Rodick


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