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Chandler Boys, Poly Girls Win Grades 5-6 Event 

By Hannah Howard 

Clairbourn School hosted students in grades 5-6 from Chandler School, High Point Academy, Mayfield Junior and Polytechnic for the Paul Korn Invitational Track Meet last Thursday. 

The Chandler boys’ team took first place in a landslide with 60 points. Mayfield Junior placed second with 15 points and High Point finished third (10 points).  

Meanwhile, the Polytechnic girls’ team scored 31 points to take the top spot over runner-up Mayfield Junior (27 points) and third-place Chandler (17 points). 

“Being able to practice in the parking garage when the crazy rain hit really allowed for us to get in some good training,” Chandler Athletic Director Bill Anderson said regarding the boys’ first-place finish. 

Anderson was pleased with his student-athletes’ consistent efforts despite the setbacks that came with the recent storm.  

Polytechnic head coach Jamie Bell similarly stated how happy she was to see the kids on the field competing again. 

Meanwhile, Mayfield Junior coach Jason Windass said the sunny weather creating the perfect conditions for a track meet.  

“Who knew I would be wearing a T-shirt today,” Windass said. “Kudos to all of the athletes out here for a fantastic meet.” 

All of the student-athletes, coaches and parents seemed to be thrilled to be outside witnessing another start to an exciting track and field season. 

EVENT PHOTO GALLERY | Photos by Hanna Howard

Elizabeth Thompson, Sophie Girardi, Charley Grousbeck and Danielle Leichter 2. Addison Penman, Kenneth Chen, Destin Cleveland and Luke Castaneda 3. Natalia Echemendia, Harlee Escobar, Zoie Francis and Claire Jeng 4. Delilah Rich and Dara Bahng-Boyer 5. Hailey Jo, Lauren Spiegel, Alexandria Campos, Hayden Heath and Stella McCarthy 6. Eason Zhang, Simon Lee and Lucas Chambers 7. Darren Chung, Tommy Liu, Matthew Masuta and Elliot Chen 8. Matthew Chen and Lennon Campana 9. Olive Ward, Ally Chen and Zoey Artinian 10. Madeline Rose, Lauren Bae and Marin Houang 11. Dannika Rivera, Teleia Lyles and Rachel Kim 12. Addison Penman, Edward Ding, Andre Cheng and Kenneth Chen 13. Gabriela Marray, Ruby Graziano, Carina Awori and Rainy Corvelo 14. Ryan Abourjeili, Walker Jeereddi and Tate Francis 15. Olivia Teodorescu, Lila De Csepel and Elizabeth Thompson 16. Justin Romero and Marcus Lorenzo 17. Paige Ma, Jayne Chiang and Abbey Wong 18. Russell Mattesich, Kevin Rice, Eric Carvalho and Sam Kaufman 19. Magdalena Jablonski, Eva Rose Boulad and Victoria Park 20. Darren Chung, Tommy Liu and Teddy Sov 21. Nika Potts, Charlotte Choi, Madison Rose and Camilla Villegas 22. Olivia Venti, Wan-Tao Li, Austin Wang and Alan Orellana-Recinos 23. Keira Wang and Emily Zhang 24. Abby Cunningham, Lina Haaga, Lucy Rowley and Olivia Lee 25. Dara Bahng-Boyer and Elizabeth Chen 26. Charlotte Hesling, Ava Mendoza and Elina Skiles-Januta

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