Art Show Benefits Families Coping With Cancer


First published in the Jan. 12 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Dana Pepper Bouton’s floral photography, among other artists’ work, will be displayed in a gallery show on Jan. 14-15, with 100% of the proceeds going toward an endowment fund in her name.
Pepper Bouton, who has been fighting Non-Hodgkin lymphoma since 2018, had the disease return for its fifth time. She credits City of Hope for her prior remissions and is hopeful she will enter remission a sixth time.
“I owe my life to the doctors and nurses at COH who continue to find new ways to beat back the cancer,” said Pepper Bouton, who created the Dana Pepper Endowment Fund, which supports families who have been challenged financially by a cancer diagnosis.
The fund will disburse gift cards to help with groceries and transportation, as many patients live hours or even states away from the hospital, as well as pay for child care for patients who are unable to care for their children. Additionally, representatives from City of Hope will be in attendance to share more information about the fund.
Pepper Bouton’s floral photography is displayed on unique substrates: wood prints, metal prints, framed fine art prints, stationery, postcards and more. Also donating to the fund are artists Lori Poncsak, who works with acrylics to create abstract art, and Li Mei Norton, who specializes in oil portraits, as well as commissioned work. Among the three talents, there will be a variety of artwork available.
The gallery’s guest reception will begin at 3 p.m. on Saturday, and will be open through the weekend, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Lei Mei Art World, 1057 East Green St.