Eat Healthy at Pasadena Certified Farmers’ Markets

Fresh dates are now in season at Pasadena Certified Farmers’ Markets.

First published in the Aug. 11 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

We have school snacks ready for those hungry students back in the classroom available at the Pasadena Certified Farmers’ Markets.
Located at Victory Park, 2641 and 2575 Paloma St., on Saturday and Villa-Parke Community Center, 363 E. Villa St., on Tuesday mornings, patrons will find special items such as fresh dates now in season, nuts, fruits, (fresh and dried) and grapes to send along for school snacks.
Even items such as fresh granola work well for that energy burst students need to keep up with concentration as well as fun with learning.
There are also easy-to-pack snacks and plenty of liquids to keep them going strong.
You can use your EBT benefits card at either of the markets’ locations, but only at Villa Parke will you receive an additional script for using your card through a grant from HungerActionLosAngeles — a $10 match maximum per card per market – for more fruits and veggies. Also honored are your student’s cards for benefits.
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