Pasadena Guild of Children’s June Ball

(Photo courtesy Nick Boswell Photography) - The 2022 June Ball debutantes include (front, from left) Katherine Cecilia Limongelli (Sierra Madre) and Natalie Kate Vandergriff (San Gabriel and Pasadena). Second row: Frances Claire Burton (San Marino), Anne Clotilde Pascale (San Gabriel), Heather Savannah Thomasian (Glendale), Ellery Carter Hotchkis (Pasadena), Alexis Jacqueline Greely (Redondo Beach) and Camilla Louise Nelson (Pasadena). Third row: Kathryn Emeline Lytle (San Marino) and Sofia Daniella Gonzalez (Glendale). Back: Madison Katelynn Jaffrey (Pasadena) and Annemarie Caroline Aloisio (Pasadena).

First published in the July 14 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Toni LeBel
The Outlook


The Pasadena Guild of Children’s Hospital recently presented 14 local young women, including two honored in absentia at the 60th June Ball.
The Langham Huntington Hotel was the setting for this annual event, this year marking its diamond anniversary. More than 220 guests celebrated with the debutantes and their families in the ballroom decorated with flowers by Jacob Maarse Florists and a profusion of candles, creating a magical and elegant decor.
The debutantes, who represented Pasadena, San Marino, Glendale, Sierra Madre, San Gabriel and Redondo Beach, included:
Annemarie Caroline Aloisio, daughter of Michelle and Dino Aloisio; Frances Claire Burton, daughter of Amion and Scott Burton; Sofia Daniella Gonzalez, daughter of Cristina and Christopher Gonzalez; Jacqueline Alexis Greely, daughter of Heidi Marsh Greely and the late Beau Greely; Ellery Carter Hotchkis, daughter of Courtney and John Hotchkis; Madison Katelynn Jaffrey, daughter of Kandis and Jonathan Jaffrey; Katherine Cecilia Limongelli, daughter of Karen and Victor Limongelli; Kathryn Emeline Lytle, daughter of Lindsay and Robert Lytle; Camilla Louise Nelson, daughter of Tessa and Kenton Nelson; Anne Clotilde Pascale, daughter of Patricia and Matthew Pascale; Peyton Sherrill Talt, daughter of Leslee and Stephen Talt (in absentia);
Thayer Marjorie Talt, daughter of Leslee and Stephen Talt (in absentia); Heather Savannah Thomasian, daughter of Norma and Charles Thomasian; Natalie Kate Vandergriff, daughter of Lisa Vandergriff and Jonathan Vandergriff.
Pasadena Guild of Children’s Hospital President Cathy Woolway and Ball co-chairwomen Paulette Geragos, Beth Price and Kim Shepherd greeted guests at a reception before the debutante presentation.
The program began with welcome remarks by Woolway, CHLA President/CEO Paul Viviano, and Dr. Robert Shaddy, current holder of the endowed Pasadena Guild chair, pediatrician-in-chief and senior vice president of Academic Affairs at CHLA. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the guild’s ongoing project, the guild chair.
Master of Ceremonies Mark Harris presented each debutante as she appeared center stage. After the presentation, an evening of dinner and dancing followed. The ever-popular Rembrandt Band kept debutantes and their guests on the dance floor until late into the evening.
Established in 1947 by a small group of dedicated hospital volunteers, the Pasadena Guild has raised more than $35 million for CHLA, successfully completing guild endowments in the areas of pediatric eye cancer, pediatric surgery, adolescent medicine, bone and soft tissue research, developmental biology and regenerative medicine. Additionally, the guild has made developmental biology endowments in partnership with the Saban Research Institute and funded two capital campaigns.