Muse/ique Concert Presents ‘Route 66 Meets Highway 1’

Caltech President Thomas Rosenbaum, Katherine Faber, Muse/ique Artistic Director Rachael Worby, NASA JPL Director Laurie Leshin and Jon Morse enjoy each other’s company prior to Muse/ique’s performance entitled “Route 66 Meets Highway 1” at Caltech’s Beckman Mall.

First published in the July 14 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Larissa Althouse
The Outlook


Muse/ique, a member-supported, nonprofit performing-arts organization, has dedicated its summer season to the exploration of Los Angeles’ rich musical heritage through seven performances, which draw inspiration from L.A. neighborhoods.
Muse/ique recently presented “Route 66 Meets Highway 1” at Caltech’s Beckman Mall.
“The open road has always been a beacon leading to limitless possibility and our wildest dreams. But one place at the end of the proverbial yellow brick road glitters like no other: the surf and sand of Los Angeles,” the event’s program said about the show’s theme.
Led by Artistic Director Rachael Worby, Muse/ique traveled north to south and east to west along Route 66 and Highway 1 to take guests on a magical musical journey, with songs by musicians such as the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Tracy Chapman and Willie Nelson.