Pasadena Educational Foundation Hosts ‘Celebrating Our Schools’ Event

Pasadena Educational Foundation Executive Director Patrick Conyers, Board President Felita Kealing, honoree Alma Stokes and Superintendent Brian McDonald were among those who attended the 50th annual Celebrating Our Schools event at City Hall.

First published in the June 30 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Erin Rodick
The Outlook


The Pasadena Educational Foundation recently marked its 50th anniversary with its “Celebrating Our Schools” fundraising event at the City Hall courtyard.
Nearly 250 people attended the event, which raised $182,000 for PEF and the students it serves.
Alma Stokes, a longtime PEF board member, was the evening’s honoree and received PEF’s Exemplary Service Award.
Katrina Ortega, a television writer/producer, who has funded to scholarships for PUSD students, was the guest speaker.
The evening, which was the first in-person “Celebrating Our Schools” fundraiser since 2019 due to the pandemic. The occasion featured Student Showcase poetry readings, science, art projects and theater, among other specialties.
“Our PUSD students did a wonderful job,” said PEF Executive Director Patrick Conyers. “Our supporters got to see how wonderful and engaging these students are. They get to see how their financial support of PEF and PUSD helps make the students shine.”
Tammy Godley chaired “Celebrating Our Schools,” and Felita Kealing serves as PEF’s board president.