Zhang Honored at La Salle’s Crystal Ball

Gina Zhang

First published in the May 5 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

La Salle College Preparatory’s annual Crystal Ball Award and Scholarship Dinner will return on Friday, May 13.
It is the school’s signature event, dedicated to developing and supporting many of the school’s important initiatives and scholarships. This year’s theme is “Together We Shine,” celebrating La Salle College Preparatory’s diverse and inclusive community, the end of the pandemic and the unity of the school as a team parents, colleagues, faculty, staff, partners, friends and family.
The Crystal Ball also serves as a symbol of the importance of service and giving back to the community.
In recognition of her outstanding service and commitment to La Salle College Preparatory, Gina Zhang has been selected as the 2022 Crystal Ball honoree.
Zhang holds a committee leadership position on the board of regents, advising the school president on issues of global perspectives as well as cultural education and consciousness.
She comes from an immigrant family and knows firsthand the complexities of immigration, the demands of learning a second language and the difficulty of parental leadership across cultural divides.
School officials said she works hard at eliminating social and cultural barriers that might keep La Salle families and students from reaching their fullest potential. She’s an advocate for developing support systems for all immigrant families so that they can fully participate in school life.
Zhang was born and raised on the Inner Mongolia grasslands of China. Her father, a doctor, and her mother, a housewife, taught her a great love of service, compassion and empathy for healing the wounds, hearts and minds of others.
As a doctor, herself, Gina’s father showed her what great love and compassion looked like through his medical work healing the wounded, rescuing the dying and demonstrating empathy for consoling the suffering.
At a young age, Zhang learned her first lessons of love, compassion and service to others from her parents as she saw firsthand through their actions the spirit and dedication of serving and helping others.
The images of her fortunate childhood remain imprinted in her mind and still guide her actions today.
As a young girl, Zhang was surrounded by the animal husbandry economy and cashmere industry. She learned the day-to-day agricultural discipline of caring for animals and livestock.
While the event is sold out, people can support the school and the event through an online auction at cbls2022.givesmart.com.