Pasadena Art Alliance Gears Up for 7th Annual Impact Award

Photo courtesy Pasadena Art Alliance

Created in 2015 to commemorate the Pasadena Art Alliance’s 60th anniversary, the Impact Award honors and showcases excellence in visual contemporary art education that impacts youth (K-12 and beyond).
This award is a way for the PAA to further strengthen its support of contemporary visual art education in Los Angeles County by extending its reach to younger students who are ineligible for PAA’s well-established Grants Program.
This year, PAA’s Impact Award winner will receive funds of up to $22,500. The award amount, set each year, is given to a single recipient. Unlike a grant, this award is not given for a specific purpose, rather, it is to be used as the organization sees fit to continue the educational efforts for which it is being honored.
Past recipients of the award are artworxLA, Heart of Los Angeles, Pasadena Educational Foundation for its My Masterpiece Program, Ryman Arts, Art Division, and Side Street Projects.
For more information, visit In addition, questions can be directed to The application deadline is Feb. 1.
The purpose of the Pasadena Art Alliance is to foster appreciation for contemporary visual arts in Southern California by supporting artists, exhibitions, educational programs and art-oriented, nonprofit institutions.


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