Westridge Holds Annual Yam Festival

Charisma Chen (second, from left) got in the spirit of the day and dressed as a yam with Jessica Chen, Juliana Fong and Genevieve Wichmann.

First published in the Dec. 2 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Photos by Toni LeBel / The Outlook

Every fall, students at Westridge and their parents get creative in their kitchens and whip up a variety of dishes and baked goods that feature that oddly-shaped, sweet orange tuber, the yam.
Among the foods served up by the parents at this year’s event were yam fries, pies, soups, mochi and ice cream, couscous with yams, candied yams, yamadoodle cookies and yam biryani.

  • Ella Santoro, Gigi Timoner, Priya Agarwal and Riya Duddalwar
  • Audrey Lin-Stevens, Lucy Jones, Sophie Cheung, Amelia Hemmings and Frances McFetridge
  • Alana Lygopoulos, Claire Chen and Celine Li
  • Addie Kelley, Grace Nakane, Sara Sanchez-Lowin, Ileia Gibbs, Sonaya Vazquez-Wright, Emily Zhao and Katharine Lam
  • Grace Green, Sarah Hansen, Lauren McCreight and Lauren Cecconello
  • Nora Casillas, Elaine Pan and Megan Liu are some of the moms serving up yam treats.
  • Edna Hu, Katherine Xu and Luca Grace
  • Caroline Kwan, Grace Knuth, Simone Origel, Izzy Man and Claire Swift
  • Orla Irish-Hurlow, Audrey Thomas, Shuli Wong, Annabel Gold, Emmie Waite, Franny Chilton and Noa Aval
  • Theadora Hohmann, Micah MikoLevine, Sofia Kartite, Ella Syer and Sarah Leizman
  • Kyra Chang, Alana Lygopoulos, Faith Chang, Ginny Ash and Josselyn Cheng
  • Imogen Schwartz, Carolina Hoover, Rysie Ybarra, Audrey Bennett, Sari Gonzales-Smith and Amanda Garcia


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