Sequoyah School’s 8th Grade Ceremony

Rowan Schaeffer (front), Frances Aguirre, Nati Livas, Rita Harrison, Romy Griego, Emilia Dencik, Rysie Ybarra, Sanai Gibbs, Vera Schmit and Thea Gudis. Back: Miles Yum, Gus Townley, William Koh, Xavier Kelly, Aaron Trinidad, William James, Avo Day, Diego Del Toro, Benjo Yoo and Soren Fey. (Not pictured: Kennedy Umhofer and Helena Robl)

Twenty-two students graduated at Sequoyah School’s 8th grade ceremony, held on its Pasadena campus on Thursday, June 3. Eileen Lee and Sequoyah teachers were among the adult speakers who honored the 8th graders accomplishments during the lovely ceremony