Mayfield Senior School Hosts Graduation 2021

Mayfield Senior School Graduates, Class of 2021

This year’s graduates from Mayfield Senior School were able to celebrate with an in-person ceremony on the front lawn on the school’s campus. All 81 graduating seniors, donned in white gowns and gloves – and with an armful of roses – paraded into the audience for the ceremony; graduates were able to sit with 7-8 members of their families and loved ones rather than being seated on the stage, a change due to health and safety precautions.

Through the ever-present references to the pandemic and COVID-19 protocols, the sense of excitement and accomplishment remained. Senior Class President Jolie Beegle delivered the senior address, noting that “We are stronger and more resilient than we knew. We are motivated and determined to achieve our goals, regardless of the circumstances. We are capable of making personal sacrifices for the good of our families and our communities.”

There were additional speeches from Head of School Kate Morin, alumnus Leisel Pike Moldow and Father Marcos Gonzales.


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