Local College Student’s Tech Company Addresses COVID Safety

Photo courtesy NextPace Ventures Troy Bonde (right) and business partner Winston Alfieri, who have sold thousands of hand-sanitizer dispensers to businesses and schools, are planning to donate 500 gallons of sanitizer to groups and nonprofit organizations in the San Gabriel Valley.

Troy Bonde, an Altadena resident who is a junior at USC, is responding to the need for COVID-19 safety precautions by selling state-of-the-art hand sanitizer dispensers that also screen body temperatures.
He started his company, NextPace Ventures, this past July while working as an investment banking analyst at American Discovery Capital, a merchant bank in West Los Angeles.
Bonde, 21, recruited his longtime friend, Pasadena native Winston Alfieri, to become his business partner.
NextPace Ventures has already sold thousands of devices to local businesses, school districts and nonprofit organizations, including Santa Anita Park, the Glendale Unified School District and Cal State Los Angeles. The company was recently named an endorsed supplier for Best Western International, helping Best Western hotels throughout the United States and Canada provide a comfortable experience for guests.
The company’s Thermo-Sanitizer is a hands-free, non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser that simultaneously reads body temperature in less than a second to help ensure that workplaces and schools maintain a safe and sanitary environment. According to Bonde, Thermo-Sanitizer devices provide the most up-to-date and accurate temperature screenings available to school districts and businesses of all sizes.
Realizing the growing need that nonprofit organizations have for hand sanitizer, Bonde and Alfieri are donating more than 500 gallons of sanitizer to local groups and are providing free delivery to organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. Nonprofit organizations interested in receiving hand sanitizer can email info@nextpaceventures.com. For more information about the company, visit nextpaceventures.com.