Pasadena Art Alliance Treasure Sale


PAA Treasure Sale committee members include: Jeannie Vaughn (front row, from left), Sarah Culhane, Patsy Pinney, co-Chairs Mia Dean and Barbara Davis, PAA President Bea Trujillo, Robin Banks and Judy Whiting. Second row: Clare Tayback, Andrea Nagata, Julie Ward, Phebe Sievers, Lauren Frankel, Linda Brownridge and Sonia Singla. Third row: Kris Pilon, Julie Clayton, Chandra King, Denise Mathews, Leslie Prussia, Carolyn Morton, Kirsten Molz and Annaly Bennett. Fourth row: Alfrida King, Erin McDonald, Phoebe Wilson, Gina Knox, Shari Boyer, Janice Bea, Mary Urquhart, Katie High. Fifth row: Annie Brose, Patricia Ketchum, Raleigh Young, Bette Cooper, Gwen Robertson, Susan Crawford, Tamara Tolkin, Elizabeth Berry, Else Behney and Rita Flynn. Many of the 86 committee members were working at the event site and missed the photo call.