Pasadena Symphony Signs New Labor Contract With Musicians Union

Lora Unger CEO, Pasadena Symphony Assn.
Lora Unger
Lora Unger CEO, Pasadena Symphony Assn.
Lora Unger
CEO, Pasadena Symphony Assn.

The Pasadena Symphony Association and American Federation of Musicians Local 47, today jointly announced an agreement on a new five-year labor contract. The new agreement runs retroactively from the 2016-17 to the 2020-21 season.
“We’ve taken great care to create a culture that fosters a collaborative approach between musicians and management. It’s been a thoughtful process that reflects our shared commitment to the future of this great orchestra and its unique role in the region,” said PSA CEO Lora Unger.
“This is an orchestra that can do it all, and does it all at a very high level — performing baroque, choral and the grandest of symphonies, to the popular music of the great American songbook and beyond. This agreement sets the stage for us to launch a number of strategic growth initiatives within a fiscally responsible framework. It also provides a multi-year plan that the board is confident in delivering given the institutional growth the PSA has achieved over the past three years with the support of our community, which values artistic excellence and access.”
Marissa Benedict, chair of the PSA orchestra committee, praised the shared efforts of the process and stated: “Our alliance with the board and with management supported a collective willingness to work in tandem with each other to reach for a positive outcome. We remain optimistic that we will continue to work harmoniously together, now and in the future, to allow our shared vision to come into fruition. Because we are now united, we are stronger, allowing us to make better music and better relationships. We are excited to share the gift of live symphonic music and these joyous events with our current supporters while extending a grand invitation to new relationships in our community for many years to come.”
Highlights of the new five-year agreement include:
• Increases to the musicians’ minimum wage scale of 14.5% over a five-year period, which includes a substantial increase in the first year of the contract retroactive to Oct. 1, 2016.
• Establishing an artistic advisory committee, creating a platform for coordinated planning discussions between musicians and management.
• Additional infrastructure on personnel matters and operational processes.